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About Me

Hi, my name is Cherie and I have been waxing in Vancouver for over 15 years now...and I still love every day of it.

I started out at a place called Opus Salon in Yaletown, under the tutelage of two well-known Vancouver waxers. I had the privilege of working one-on-one with them and that is why I think my gentle waxing technique stands out amongst the crowd.

In addition to my training, I use my own fabric strips with the softest material I can find, along with a warm wax for sensitive skin, and a technique that uses smallers strips to lessen any extra and unnecessary pain.

Please check out my Google Reviews or Yelp reviews, if you like.

Some of them may be old, but every single one of those clients/reviewers are still seeing me!

The Studio

I practically begged my best friend Steven, owner of LocalBoom Gift Shop to let me transform the back storage room into my cozy little studio :).

I chose his shop because it aligns with many values I hold such as natural beauty, eco-friendliness, sustainability, supporting local businesses, and it's just the prettiest and best smelling shop around.

I highly recommend you take a peek.


One of my teacher's, Jacqueline, has a very good section of do's and don'ts on her site if you are curious.

She is the one I can't recommend enough, if you can't get in to see me.

This is my sneaky way of making sure she gets a shout out :).


Booking an Appointment

The best way to see if your schedule fits with mine is to go online at, the link is at the top and bottom of this site.

The next best way, if you've tried and can't find a time online, is to text or email me,

604-809-2437 or

Text/email me any time, day or night, and I will see what I can do for you!

I'm the boss so I can move my schedule around to suit, but I won't know if you don't text/email me, so don't be shy.

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